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Our Makaira Motion Sickness Relief Inhaler is an ideal option to anti-nausea medication.


It provides drug-free relief from symptoms relating to:​

                                        Sea sickness

                                        Motion & travel sickness

                                        Morning sickness

                                        General Nausea

This handy, all-natural motion sickness relief inhaler uses the natural remedial power of ginger and peppermint oils. 


The inhaler only measures 65mm tall, which means it’s discreet, portable & easy to simply pop into your pocket.

Trusted by professional fishing charter crews & their customers, it will make your time out on the water far more pleasant. It works on all types of motion sickness, not just on boats, so take it along on your next flight or road trip as well.

                                    100% natural ingredients



                                    Discreet & easy to use

To use:
Place gently into nostril whilst keeping the other nostril closed & inhale deeply. Repeat with other nostril. Use as required.

The next time you’re out on a boat, road trip, or in the air, don’t forget to take these with you so you can enjoy your day.



Seasprite Charters


“We have the Makaira Motion Sickness Relief Inhalers on board for anyone who suffers from sea sickness. They are a great drug-free & natural alternative to sea sickness medication. General comment from those who use it is that they instantly feel much better and they love the smell.”

Sonia H

Kapiti Coast

“I always get car sick when travelling long distances by car. I generally feel nauseous and have to get my husband to make regular road stops. Since using the Makaira Motion Sickness Relief Inhaler, I no longer dread long drives. The inhaler really works. I felt really good after a drive from Wellington to Auckland. I used one on a trip to Australia a while back, and more recently, our family holiday to Canada, Las Vegas & Hawaii. Great when flying, including on our helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. I recommend these for anyone who gets car sick or any form of motion sickness.”

Caren A


“I have been using the Makaira Motion Sickness Relief Inhalers as an alternative to my anti-nausea medication for Complex Regional Pain auto-immune symptoms. It is effective in helping provide relief from feeling nauseous and is very easy to use. The convenient size means I can pop it in my pocket and use it when I need it.”
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